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The information in this post is out of date. Today we are making the first fully supported go-live секс груповуха4 женщины 3 му видео of our migrations секс груповуха4 женщины 3 му видео available as part of EF 4. A few weeks after the EF 4. You can get EF 4.

There are two new walkthroughs that cover the new Code First Migrations feature. One focuses on the no-magic workflow that uses a code-based migration for every change. The other looks at using automatic migrations to avoid having lots of code in your project for simple changes. If you have EF 4. You may need to close and re-open Visual Studio after upgrading new packagethis is required to unload the old migrations commands.

These features include enums, spatial data types and some significant performance improvements. As soon as the next preview of the.

This release can be used in a live operating environment subject to the terms in the license terms.

Секс груповуха4 женщины 3 му видео

Can someone on the team blog about how to automatically script out the migrations as part of a packaging routine? NET 4, and now you are going to go to v5 when the framework is 4.

TPC mapping seems to have problems under EF 4. You can click on the "email blog author" link to start an email thread with us.

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It may seem counterintuitive at first that EF 5 is EF 5, but it comes from a desire to follow established and sensible rules for versioning—namely, semantic versioning. We blogged about this here: NET Framework version when we are releasing more frequently than. NET and any point-in-time alignment will quickly become outdated. We recognize that this is confusing, especially now, but we feel that using well-known rules for versioning will help keep versioning much cleaner going forward.

Can someone say if the enum support will allow you to map strings to enums, or will it only support int values? This could be bad from a reporting services perspective, where if you are querying the database without EF you would like to see strings rather than ints. It is also a problem to use with legacy секс груповуха4 женщины 3 му видео if only int is supported. I think this is because DbContext uses a different method of detecting changes. It would also be nice if the tools like the reverse engineer from database function, had an option to generate classes with attributes rather than using the fluent API.

There seems to be a bug in this blog software. We will look at this issue and come back here with an answer. We will come back here and in StackOverflow with an answer. Incidentally is 2 in our UserVoice site at http: I encourage секс груповуха4 женщины 3 му видео to vote. In fact, both use the same implementation for change tracking i. DbContext wraps ObjectContext and relies on its implementation.

The one relevant difference between the two is that DbContext performs automatic change detection while in ObjectContext you have to call DetectChanges explicitly if you секс груповуха4 женщины 3 му видео changes to be detected before SaveChanges. You can however disable automatic change detection in DbContext when you want to perform a batch of changes without incurring in change detection overhead.

Секс груповуха4 женщины 3 му видео the following blog post for more information: We definitively recommend using DbContext for new applications and plan on investing the most on improving this API. We understand that replacing ObjectContext with DbContext in existing applications would be a lot of work because the APIs are different but you might want to consider this if you want to take advantage of new features.

Thanks for the feedback on this. We have heard before this request for the EF Power Tools and we will look at it. Things might work by accident but this is certainly not a recommended configuration. NET Framework mainly in System.

The June CTP we released is definitely confusing, it was an approach we were trying to update the components included in the. NET Framework without waiting for a.

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NET and release EF 5. As I already mentioned, we are trying to get away from having components in the. Thanks for answering my questions.

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Yeah, after posting that I found a document that explains what you were saying about the DetectChanges and how DbContext calls it a lot more than ObjectContext. Секс груповуха4 женщины 3 му видео did a test and inserting 10, rows took about 55 seconds with automatic change detection enabled. When I turned it off, it only took 3 seconds. ObjectContext took about 2. I think DbContext uses ObjectContext internally? Another thing that I noticed that was causing the slowness was that I used the Generate DbContext template from the EDM designer to generate my classes.

If I remember correctly, once I added virtuals to the properties, it cut the time down to about 20 seconds with auto detection still enabled. So, not using the proxies slows things down. Now that I know the part about detect changes, I feel more comfortable switching to DbContext.

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The slowness was my main area of concern. Other than that, I секс груповуха4 женщины 3 му видео the simplified API surface and other niceties such as the built in validation.

Keep up the good work! One other thing I was thinking is that it would be nice if the EDM designer let you set more properties than it does right now. For example, it would be nice to be able to specify that a field is required or not, specify regular expression validation rules, etc.

It would also секс груповуха4 женщины 3 му видео nice to be able to specify the Display Name for entity properties and have it do something like default the value to the property name with spaces in between upper and lower case letters.

Its a pain not being able to use a direct download link to update the libs in our solution we dont use nuget because its not nice to use with Team Foundation Server and deployment scenarios.

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NuGet just adds some files to your solution which you can check in and секс груповуха4 женщины 3 му видео TFS manage. That being said, you can get the assembly to add directly to your libs folder if you like. No, auto-compiled query us coming soon in EF 5.

Stay tuned in this blog for more details about the feature. We will try using NuGet again.

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I didnt know that you are able to configure nuget to use our own lib folders for its packages. Sorry if I implied that NuGet will automatically use your libs folder instead of the packages folder in your solution. Upgraded from EF 4. I installed from NuGet into one project in a solution.

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These kind of issues can be tricky debug. Found through the modules list that some other projects referenced EF 4. Running install-package in each project referencing EF fixed the issue. Can you give some feedback on these two related issues: I cant get "Update-Database" to work in Package manager console, when I reference an external set of connectionstrings in web. It секс груповуха4 женщины 3 му видео a DbCommandTree parameter.

DbExpression trees become publically constructible in the EF core libraries included in. There is also a public eSQL parsers. Unfortunately, we are still not going to expose the necessary public API to create expressions associated with O-space metadata, so only C-space trees are supported for now.

I wanted to share a problem I had, and the solution I found. I had installed quite some time ago EF 4. For my more recent projects, I have been using EF 4. I upgraded a project to use 4. Everything worked great until I started editing a view in the WPF designer. The view would appear briefly but would quickly disappear to be replaced by stack trace from a TypeLoadException. After some frustrating and fruitless Googling, секс груповуха4 женщины 3 му видео occurred to me to uninstall EF 4.

This fixed the problem. To me this seems like more an issue with Visual Studio than with EF 4. But I wanted to share the issue here, in case any else had the same problem.

Thanks for reporting this and for the repro. What you describe seems to be a bug in TPC mapping that we are already aware of секс груповуха4 женщины 3 му видео that we are planning to fix in the upcoming EF 4. Please take a look at the list of known issues above for more information.

Thanks for your comment. Will it include 4. What would be incredibly intriguing to me is if you somehow leveraged the SQL Server Developer Tools to provide a total solution for managing the schema and mapping within a single unified solution.

Having the actual DB scripts with up down migrations between versions in source control would be awesome! Hi Diego, Секс груповуха4 женщины 3 му видео was wondering what is the best to get the schema from an existing database and use code first with migrations.

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